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refinement on weather forecast for 2007-2020:
greenhouse emissions will increase but that will not completely offset cooling of new dalton minimum, leading to disasterous abandonment of global warming concerns.
temp peak in 2010 will be merely a pause in cooling, but warming will continue in alaska and siberia due to redirected ocean currents, and will be ignored. if massive clathrate release occurs in 2010-2011, climate will warm immediately but from low base and not go off scale till 2020 and will keep going up for 150 years.
currents in bering strait and gulf of alaska are freshening very fast; fresh water much lighter in weight than salt water, accellerated glacial rebound in bering strait and eastern bering sea will easily outpace rising sea levels---alaskans will be scratching their heads at what appears to be a permanent DROP in sea level after every earthquake.  new lands will appear,  probably ALREADY HAVE but not been noticed yet.  gating of bering strait is ultimate answer to climate problems--which will be more in the nature of DROUGHT and absence of a winter season to kill off pathogens than excessive heat.

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